Is someone using your intellectual property (e.g. copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, electronic data) without your permission?  We are experienced in stopping unauthorized use and getting you compensation. Your remedies are dependent on your intellectual property ("IP") rights.  

We have litigated intellectual property rights arising out of trademark, copyright, patent, theft of trade secrets, theft of computer data, contract and other laws.  We will meet with you to help determine a strategy that works for you and your budget.  

     Has someone sent you a cease and desist letter or even filed a lawsuit against you relating to someone else's intellectual property?  We have defended against claims of copyright infringement, trademark infringement, patent infringement, and breach of contract.  We will meet with you to help determine a strategy to defend and avoid these claims.

      Is someone not living up to an agreement regarding sale of goods, a licensing agreement or other matter?  We have brought and defended numerous breach of contract actions.  

      We are experienced in all phases of litigation.  We can attempt to negotiate a settlement to avoid or end a lawsuit.   We can file or defend a lawsuit through a jury trial, court trial or arbitration.  We can represent you on appeal.

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Darren Quinn has over 26 years of complex litigation experience, including jury trials and appeals in state and federal courts.

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